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That website is by a MS advocate and should be ignored. The stuff he listed was generally wrong when he posted it and over 3 years and 2 versions out of date now.

IE8, the best IE Microsoft has come up with, is 10 years behind web standards and it isn't even out yet. It's new features and capabilities only approach what every other browser could do years ago.
Opera and Safari's nightly builds are bleeding edge in standards compliance.
Firefox and Chrome are not far behind. Firefox has the most add-ons that are very helpful.

Firefox 3.1 will be released soon and it's javascript engine is blazingly fast.
Chrome's engine is also on hyperdrive.
IE8s javascript engine is 6x slow than everyone else.

Firefox's so called "memory leak" issues were ancient history when 3.0 came out.

Passing the ACIDx test is good but not a good indicator of standards compliance. That said, IE8 gets a 13, I think, while FF3 is 85? or 58? Opera/Safari nightly builds pass Acid3.

IE8 will still be the only major browser that cannot do XHTML and SVG graphics.

No one would cry if IE went away today.
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