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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
Could anybody be so kind and tell me when Internet Explorer and Safari were
ported to *BSD? I must have missed something.
This might be a troll, but considering OS X *is* BSD in some way or other, the question is fuzzy.

As for I.E, Microsoft *did* port it to Unix a few years back... proprietary Unix though, not sure if any of them were BSD descendants.

Originally Posted by Oko View Post
To stay on the same note, I don't know what was criteria used to list browsers but I find it funny that two main stream browsers were left out from the list: Midori and Kazehakase. Obviously Google Chrome also has far more chance to be ported one day to *BSD than Internet Explorer.
Google will get Chrome on Linux, at this time.. it's using the Win32 API.. it'll take a lot of work.. (See above about I.E..)

How dedicated they are to ensuring it works well on BSD, unknown.. but they chose the BSD licence, that's some indication right?

Originally Posted by Oko View Post
Personally, I can not stand Gecko engine so for me the choice is clear. It is either Opera (Presto engine) or Midori (WebKit). Since, I am OpenBSD user I would have to give slight advantage to Midori. There are no native Opera binaries for OpenBSD and I do not like to turn on Linux compatibility layer as it is against my religion.
I also can't wait to try Midori, would be nice.. I've been using Gecko based browsers out of necessity. (I also will not enable any of the binary compatibility layers..).

Still, the poller probably included all those options out of fairness... some wackos use BSD on servers, not workstations.
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