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To stay on the same note, I don't know what was criteria used to list browsers but I find it funny that two main stream browsers were left out from the list: Midori and Kazehakase. Obviously Google Chrome also has far more chance to be ported one day to *BSD than Internet Explorer.
What is a mainstream browser? From the top my head IE has ~75% market share, Firefox ~20%, and 5% is all the rest ... Opera (A ``mainstream'' browser) for example only has a ~.5% market share ...

There are no native Opera binaries for OpenBSD and I do not like to turn on Linux compatibility layer as it is against my religion.
slightly off-topic, but can't OpenBSD run FreeBSD binaries?

That website is by a MS advocate and should be ignored.
Ah yes, of course, I forgot!
if (Microsoft())
How is it possible people don't see this highly intellectual and open-minded position!

The stuff he listed was generally wrong
Such as?

over 3 years and 2 versions out of date
It includes Firefox 2, so it's just one version (And FF3 is rather new).

Firefox 3.1 will be released soon and ...
Yes, this is the firefox motto:
firefox <next version> will be released soon and it will fix problem x, y, and z.
Been hearing that one for years.

Chrome's engine is also on hyperdrive.
Chrome is alpha and years from a stable and usable state.

IE8s javascript engine is 6x slow than everyone else.
IE8 is a beta, so it's not really fair to judge it by that.
Also, as far as I've noticed it's not really that slow, but I haven't seen any benchmarks (Do you know of any?).

Firefox's so called "memory leak" issues were ancient history when 3.0 came out.
Yes, 1.5 whole years ago!
In any case, it does make a point about the general quality of FF.

IE8 will still be the only major browser that cannot do XHTML and SVG graphics.
Actually, plugins for IE SVG support have existed for quite some time.

And the IE people are working on XHTML for IE ... I would not be surprised if the release version of IE8 will support it.

No one would cry if IE went away today.
Only about 75% of the web, but who cares about that minority?
UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things, because that would also stop you from doing clever things.
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