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Old 12th October 2008
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* FreeBSD RELENG_6 - Pentium3 900, 256megs of memory

My main workstation:
* FreeBSD RELENG_7 - AMD Athlon X2 5200+, 2gigs of memory, GeForce6200, 24" wide LCD

Girlfriend's workstation:
* FreeBSD 7.0-R - AMD Sempron, 1gig of memory, GeForce6200, 19" wide LCD

Solaris development:
* Solaris 10 - Sun Ultra80, 4x450mhz CPUs, 4gigs of memory

Network support server: (runs DNS, proxy, etc)
* FreeBSD RELENG_7 - VIA C3 800mhz, 512megs of memory

Nagios and other testing/development server:
* Solaris 10 - Sun Ultra10, 440mhz CPU, 512megs of memory

I've also got some spare boxes hanging out - an Ultra5, some Netra T1-100s, some Ultra2s... I also have a Sun D1000 array which hooks up to an Ultra2 as a fileserver, but I'm not running those boxes right now.

In the "legacy-but-still-working" closet, I've got a NeXT Turbo slab and a Sun SPARC Station 1+. The SS1+ has a Weitek 17mhz CPU, 12megs of memory, and a 2gig SCSI-2 drive in it with an archaic version of OpenBSD installed, and does boot. The hard drive in the NeXT died a few years back, but if I got another SCSI2 drive and a copy of NS3.3 I could get it working again. Not that that's a big priority or anything...
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