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Package installation and database errors

You had at least two packages which failed to install properly.

When there is a failure during package install, pkg_add(1) retains the partially installed package with a name beginning with "partial-". If the package database in /var/db/pkg/ is coherent, these can be successfully deleted with pkg_delete(1).

However, there is apparently damage to your package database. The pkg_check(8) program can inspect and repair package database problems. After running pkg_check, you should be able to then issue pkg_delete(1) to remove any remaining partial-* packages.

There is insufficient information in your post to tell me why your package database has been damaged, or why you have packages which did not successfully install after installation was underway.

Video issues

This will be hardware, video driver, and X Windows related, and there is nothing in the information provided here that indicates any correlation between the two problems.

Include both a dmesg(8) and the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log in your new thread.
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