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Originally Posted by sacerdos_daemonis View Post
No. My primary browser is Midori and I used to use SeaMonkey as a secondary browser. After the upgrade to 6.0 SeaMonkey started crashing when trying to load pages, so I swiched to Iridium as a secondary browser.
Chromium (and probably Chromium-based browsed) also can take advantage of hardware acceleration, but on Mesa+open source kernel drivers (i.e. Gnu/Linux, OpenBSD) sometimes it fallbacks to software rendering.
Anyway mpv also has OpenGL backend.
My point is that a lot of software currently accelerates 3D and 2D graphics via OpenGL/OpenGL ES using hardware acceleration or fallbacks to software rendering.

Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
A re-read of the dmesg shows Intel graphics is also deployed. You have one of those hybrid video card systems. You will need to disable Intel or Radeon in BIOS, so that only one is seen by OpenBSD.
He has Radeon HD 8670M. It is GCN-based graphics card. I remember that there were some issues with GCN-based cards in *BSD world. I don't know current state, [not]but I would recomend Intel GPU anyway.[/not]

On the other hand he has i5-6200U. Skylake. Back in September 2015 there was an update to Intel driver (ported from Linux) and newest supported Intel's GPUs were of Broadwell generation (predecessor of Skylake). I would not be surprised if Skylake is still not supported.
So original poster (OP) can have too new hardware for OpenBSD system :/
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