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Several years ago, I visited ITT to see about their computer program. At the time, it costs about three times as much as my state university. And I didn't think their degree carried as much weight as from the university.

To note, my mother works in the local hospital in the lab. She has a four year degree from the university, and her coworker has a degree from an ITT-like institution (don't know if it is ITT or not). They do the same exact work, but my mother makes about $20,000 more a year because she has the college degree.

I had a CCNA for a while, but I still couldn't find work - they wanted a degree. One thing a degree will show potential employers, that you can start something important and bring it to completion. And, for better or for worse and to the sneers of college students everywhere, the general education requirements that have nothing to do with your degree, do expose you to ideas, concepts, and culture that you might not otherwise have been exposed to.

And you can find work at most universities. I work as a systems administrator at my university. It doesn't pay great, but they work around your schedule better than any other employer will. And as a student job, you mostly get to sit and study and get paid for that - though I do actually have to do some work from time to time.
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