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Originally Posted by phoenix View Post
If you have the full install CD1 (not the bootonly CD), it has a "Fixit" option in the installer. That will load a live FreeBSD system off the CD. Look under /dist once in the fixit shell for everything that comes in a FreeBSD install. Just mount your harddrive partitions onto /mnt, then you can just copy files from /dist to /mnt as needed.
That was my initial plan (after which I posted here) but I was unable to use many commands (Like ls mount cp etc). I was unsure as to where and how I either get these commands (ie how to mount the hard drive with the commands or relevant part of the disc). Perhaps I was not going to the right section?

I went to Fixit -> Emergency Holographic Shell (Or something along those lines) -> ttyv4

What do I do from there in order to use the commands?
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