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Default illumos framebuffer?

hey guys,
i have a weird question.
i do almost all my work from the console on unix like systems, but on occasion i need to startx.
now, on linux and all bsd's the system always turns on framebuffer (kms) and i have huge resolution in console instead of 80x25 normal text mode. BUT, when i turn off framebuffer to get 80x25 text console i cannot startx in full hd resolution.

my question is this, recently i started toying around with openindiana and since i installed it with a live-dvd it automatically boots to gui. i turned graphical login off and restarted the system to boot into 80x25 text console.. and then i noticed when i typed startx, voila! x was in full hd resolution! no more that annoying framebuffer crap that linux and bsd's do.

what makes illumos different from linux / all bsd's to be able to do that?
and is such a thing (80x25 text console, and then startx in FULL HD resolution) possible in linux / any bsd?
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