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Default Daily Insecurity Output

Each morning Charlie Root mails out a daily insecurity output, part of which consists of a list of package list changes.
As explained, - means old, + means new but what does it mean when items are listed without plus or minus signs? Also, what do the @@ symbols signify?
I realize this is a minor point but it annoys me when I don't understand something so obviously simple.


Package list changes (-OLD  +NEW)
--- /var/backups/pkglist.current        Mon Aug  5 01:30:47 2019
+++ /var/backups/pkglist        Wed Aug  7 01:30:46 2019
@@ -163,6 +163,7 @@
 libtar-1.2.20       C library for manipulating tar files
 libtasn1-4.13p0     Abstract Syntax Notation One structure parser library
 libtheora-1.1.1p3   open video codec
+libtorrent-0.13.6p5v0 BitTorrent library written in C++
 libunbound-1.9.1    validating DNS resolver library
 libunistring-0.9.7  manipulate Unicode strings
 libusb1-1.0.21p1    library for USB device access from userspace
@@ -174,6 +175,7 @@
 libxml-2.9.8p1      XML parsing library
 libxslt-1.1.32      XSLT C Library for GNOME
 libyaml-0.1.7       YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C
+links+-2.18         graphics and text browser
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