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Originally Posted by Snoop1990 View Post
I want to build a hole new system so there is no immigration process.
I just meant "migration" in the sense of continuing to run the apps you currently run.

Originally Posted by Snoop1990 View Post
So ATI graphics for 64 Bit ?
I think ATI is the only option if you want hardware acceleration. I'm sure someone will be along to correct me if I'm mistaken. if HW accel isn't a big deal to you, anything that supports will work--ATI Radeon, Intel, even nVidia (though as I hinted at previously, my GeForce 6150 LE won't do widescreen modes at all or standard modes better than 1280x1024--other people have other chipsets doing widescreen and hi-res without problems). just depends on what you need.

on the subject of ATI graphics, I've been warned that the Radeon 9200 series can be problematic in, and I've certainly experienced problems myself. console freezes and high CPU consumption, mostly. the person who warned me also had problems under Debian, so it's apparently not even a FreeBSD issue. just passing along the warning.
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