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etc in my FreeBSD 8.0 STABLE DVD install edition ?
pppd is part of FreeBSD. I do not know if the other apps have been ported to FreeBSD, I can't find them in ports but they may be part of another port (Such as kdebase).

This is cutting edge wireless technology for FreeBSD and no one really cares..
I should have realized this when trying to install ISDN on FreeBSD a decade ago.
Why should you care anyway, you probably have a T5 connection..
The reason no one replied is probably because no one knew how to solve your problem. ppp is not used that often, using ppp with HSPA+ is used even less.
In other words: Sorry, we simply don't know

You can try repeating your question on the "official" FreeBSD forums:, you can also try sending a mail to the freebsd-questions@ maillist.

Good luck.
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