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Default Fuse mounting question

Hello again. I'm still sorting out various mounting issues with my FreeBSD 8.2 setup. My latest issue with with /dev/fuse.

I have three non-BSD partitions within my computer, all of them are NTFS (Windows XP). I can mount them using Dolphin. After they are mounted, they appear like this in df:

/dev/fuse0          54420152 37130452  17289700    68%    /media/WinXP
/dev/fuse1          76895088 22842292  54052796    30%    /media/filz
/dev/fuse2          76895088 22842292  54052796    30%    /media/filz-1
/dev/fuse3          78146708 40807612  37339096    52%    /media/vee
The duplication of /filz is because I accidentally tripple-clicked. That doesn't normally happen. My bad.

Anyway, those partitions also have labels in /dev, with names like ad0s1. I attempted to mount the WinXP partition by mounting /dev/ad0s1 to a prepared mount point, but it failed. In fact, the only place I can mount these partitions is in the /media directory, according to the whim of fuse.

Simply put, I would rather mount these partitions the old-fashioned way, with either a mount command or the fstab. I do not want to be restricted to fuse. Furthermore, fuse only appears to work in conjunction with Dolphin, and I generally prefer to use a lighter-weight file cruncher like xfe or Midnight Commander. Dolphin is effective and nice looking, but personally I prefer a simpler display.

Can anyone give me any pointers on how to, essentially, bypass or override fuse?

As I've said elsewhere, and if it matters, my computer is running PC-BSD 8.2, which is essentially FreeBSD 8.2 with some added bells and whistles. And I'm beginning to find some of those bells and whistles annoying...

Thanks in advance,

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