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Default Netgear WG111V2_2 wireless USB device not configured

I wonder if anyone can spot my problem trying to bring up my Netgear WG111v2 USB wireless adapater? I've been working on this for days, and even installed 9.0 in an effort to help but I couldn't make it work.

I am currently running a fresh FreeBSD 8.1 install.

It looks to me in release notes and /sys/dev/usb/usbdevs and /sys/dev/usb/wlan that the WG111v2 is supported.

My Netgear WG111v2 USB wireless adapter is coming up as:
Vendor 0x0846 which is BayNETGEAR
Product 0x4240 which is WG111V2_2 PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN
bcddev 0x1040
chipset GW3887

But I wonder if this may require the PrismGT driver upgt rather than the standard driver urtw? It looks like the WG111V2_2 has a different chipset than the WG111 and WG111V2. Maybe it was overlooked and is actually not supported?

USB adapter is being recognised as a USB device, but not as a network adapter
In /var/run/dmesg.boot:
ugen4.2: <GlobespanVirata> at usbus4
At one point I did get:
ugen4.2: <NETGEAR WG111 Globespan Virata> at usbus4
Perhaps that was under 9.0. I can't remember.

But it's gone back to:
ugen4.2: <GlobespanVirata> at usbus4
The error I get is:
> ifconfig wlan0 create wlandev urtw0
ifconfig: SIOCIFCREATE2: Device not configured
> usbconfig -u 4 -a 2 dump_device_desc 
ugen4.2: <Cohiba 3887 rev0 GlobespanVirata> at usbus4, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=HIGH (480Mbps) pwr=ON
bLength = 0x0012 
bDescriptorType = 0x0001 
bcdUSB = 0x0200 
bDeviceClass = 0x0000 
bDeviceSubClass = 0x0000 
bDeviceProtocol = 0x0000 
bMaxPacketSize0 = 0x0040 
idVendor = 0x0846 
idProduct = 0x4240 
bcdDevice = 0x1020 
iManufacturer = 0x0001  <GlobespanVirata>
iProduct = 0x0002  <Cohiba 3887 rev0>
iSerialNumber = 0x0003  <3887-0000>
bNumConfigurations = 0x0001
> cat /boot/loader.conf
I've not done anything extra with my /etc/rc.conf yet.
I don't know what supplicant is but I'm not using it yet either.

I must admit it looks like upgt doesn't load now, but I thought I got upgt loaded previously and got the same 'not configured' when trying it with ifconfig:
> kldstat
Id Refs Address    Size     Name
1   11 0xc0400000 bbbae4   kernel
2    1 0xc4a71000 9000     i915.ko
3    1 0xc4a7a000 14000    drm.ko
4    1 0xc5720000 c000     if_urtw.ko
I feel like I'm going round in circles and I can't turn up anything to cope from handbook, faq, google, etc.
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