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Default returning newbie questions

I ran various FreeBSD servers in a previous life (job), running a WAP server for 1.4 million cell users on 4.5 and some departmental web services and reporting on 5-7. I think we were on 7.0 when we were assimilated by the Borg (AT&T), after which our family relocated, became a house husband, defected to Ubuntu and after several years. I miss FreeBSD and have a few questions getting started...

Over the last several months, I've played with PcBSD and FreeBSD 9 as a later beta and RC1 and was wondering:

- with 9, there doesn't seem to be the usual X configurator. Was this removed because of PcBSD?

- is it there a big difference between 8.x an 9?

- is the X configurator still in the 8.x installer?

I guess that is a sort of lame set of questions and i couldn't even search like normal, because my touchpad running Android wouldn't do the search drop down... I hope no one is too offended. The reason I'm not going with PcBSD is it had didn't have my monitor and the defaults didn't work well. I didn't have any success configuring it myself. There was a link to request help, but it didn't seem to work. Also, they use a different package system, as I recall. Anyhow, it just didn't feel the same.

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