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Originally Posted by J65nko View Post
In those days, a failure to configure X Window resulted in a failed install, that is why the X configuration has been eliminated from the installation process since quite some time.

You now have to install X from packages or ports after the install.
That's what I needed! Found all the stuff in the links listed, but the install was not behaving like I remembered and I was wondering what I was doing wrong!

I had also found the release notes... but a lot of that is Greek to me and a have a (n older) CompSci background. I would think that if they were going through trouble of maintaining two production releases, they'd have a brief digest or comparison to help weight the coin I'm mentally flipping . 9 is obviously the future, but is it of interest to me, atm, if I'm just looking for a server Like, wasn't 5.x or 6 a real turd and the next x.0 was the version to have? (and I'm trying to be funny, there... as I recall, I struggled a lot with 5.4 and finally some told me I needed to be on 6.0, which I was avoiding because of the .0. Then all of a sudden, the consensus was there was a design flaw in the 5.x architecture that they had backed out of on 6)

Thank you all for your responses and patience...

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