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There's no problem when I issue the command:
geli attach -k /root/da2.key /dev/da2 (from the handbook example).


geli_da2_flags="-p -k /root/da2.key"
In geli_da2_flags you are passing the -p flag, which you're not using in your command. The geli manpage says:

-p Do not use passphrase as the key component.
So, remove the -p flag and it will (probably) work.

I really don't understand the following paragraph, as it's referring to '-P' option, but it's '-p' that is shown in the `geli_da2_flags`.
You're confusing two flags. The flags in geli_da2_flags are passed to geli attach, the -P flag refers to geli init (quoting from the handbook):

geli will not use a passphrase when attaching to the provider if -P was given during the geli init phase.
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