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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
Users of -current should subscribe to the Email change logs for the OS and for ports.

Any changes to the system or for installed ports (including run dependencies) that impact reliability, availability, or security will indicate an update is required. Relatively frequent upgrades are recommended, because it is not always clear when a change to the OS or a port affects RAS. It appears to me that most -current users who use it on workstations update at least once or twice each month.


I used to run -current everywhere, but no longer. Now, I only use -current on workstations and lab machines. I run -stable on all production servers. Unlike -current, patches to the OS or ports that are tagged for the -stable branch always address reliability / availability / security issues.
Thanks for the explanation. I read about stable , but it seems to me complicated to compile, so I stay with current and will upgrade current at least once a month. Where I can subscribe to the Email change logs for the OS and for ports? Thanks.
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