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Originally Posted by hitest View Post

P.S. You will need to have your source files installed for openup to work.
I do not believe this is entirely accurate for amd64 and i386 systems. M:tier package updates can be accessed by adding their repository to PKG_PATH. I have an old Via C3 based system that running an upto date 5.7 with binpatches/pkg updates, via openup, that I never installed src.tar.gz, sys.tar.gz and xenocara.tar.gz

The binary updates can also be added manually as described on the M:tier website.

Installing binpatches

Since binpatches will update parts of the base system, you have to manually install them for now. When an update is available for a binpatch you will be able to update it with pkg_add -u like a regular package.

Installing a binpatch works just like a regular package. So for example:

pkg_add binpatch57-amd64-openssl-1.0.tgz
M:tier also has a utility that automates patch downloading, application and compilation. Although I have not used this utility, I suspect it requires the source tree.
Binpatch-NG is a framework for creating binary patches for OpenBSD on all platforms in a semi-automatic way. It can automatically download the source patches published by OpenBSD, apply them, build them, and package the result into binary patches which can be installed (and uninstalled) using the OpenBSD pkg_* tools, pkg_add(1) and pkg_delete(1).

We also provide binpatches ready for use which include the latest OpenBSD errata for OpenBSD/amd64 and OpenBSD/i386.

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