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Originally Posted by hanzer View Post
Glorious news! I first installed OpenBSD but the kernel panicked moments after installing the ath firmware. I had planned on trying both {Open,Free}BSD on this machine so I just moved on without any further exploration of the issue. So, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I'll finish my assessment of FreeBSD and plan on returning to OpenBSD when 5.8 is released next month. Thanks for confirming this chipset/driver on OpenBSD!
That's odd about the firmware and kernel panics. Actually AR9227 doesn't need it, but it still gets installed by fw_update. Just uninstall the athn-firmware package (maybe boot with athn disabled, remove the package, reboot, etc).

Originally Posted by hanzer View Post
I am using a community access point that probably supports 11g
Are you certain that the access point is not set to 802.11n ("greenfield") only? In this mode, a/b/g support is effectively killed, but FreeBSD will still see the network. That was my experience when using this hardware to try and connect to an 802.11n access point.

Can you have a look at ifconfig(8) under the 802.11 specific section and read the "chanlist" and "channel" options. It looks like you can force a specific channel to 802.11g there as well.
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