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Originally Posted by ddekok View Post
The -DNOHTTPACCEPT disables an AcceptFilter. It is a kernel module for, IIRC, having the kernel accept the connection before handing it off to Apache (a speed optimization). and the article linked to in the last sentence may give you a bit more information.
Okay, so I'm guessing that when I first built our jails the host system wasn't configured to load the accf_http module:

[root@HOST/usr/home/tristan]# kldload accf_http
kldload: can't load accf_http: File exists
[root@HOST/usr/home/tristan]# locate accf_http
As you can see it looks like it's loaded on the host system now but it's not in any of the jails.

[root@JAIL /]# kldload accf_http
kldload: can't load accf_http: Operation not permitted
So, I'm using ezjail. If I'm on the right track, then I just need to run ezjail-admin update to run make world and update the basejail?

What do you guys think? Thanks for all the help too!

Here's some more references on accf_http:
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