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Default [ OpenBSD 4.5 ] apm -C not working

Hey Guys.
First of all it's nice to be here. I had some previous experience with FreeBSD but I decided to give OpenBSD a go and I'm not one bit dissapointed.
I installed 4.4 3 days ago(had not known at the time that the next will be released the second day).
Was surprised to see that cpu scaling worked out of the box.that was not the case with any Linux I ever used, or with FreeBSD.
X configure actually worked and I had a working window manager in 1 minute.

I set apmd_flags to "-C", rebooted and automatic scaling worked. then I decided to upgrade to 4.5 (copied all the sets off the 4.5 cd to /sets, booted the 4.5 bsd.rd, started updating from disc, mounted / all worked ok...or so it seemed )
Without any other change I booted to 4.5, just to see my cpu was at full capacity when idling in the console (1.800 MHz). `sysctl hw` shows all the scaling stuff, and I can use `sysctl hw.setperf=0` to get it to 800MHz (minimum and cool), but apm does not do it automatically. So for now I have it with "-L" (manual mode) but I'd like apmd to do it automatically.
I should point out that I disabled apm in the kernel and enabled acpi (apm would crash on boot if enabled..this was a problem with everything I used's my laptop's fault). I did this for 4.4 too and it worked.

Second problem is that my Broadcom won't connect to the AP. This is buggy under Linux too, but after a few tries it works.
It can detect AP's, and I see it can get my AP's bssid etc, so traffic works, but it just doesn't get an ip. dhclient says "no link ........ sleeping" and that's all. It runs in the background but no connection can be made. Enabling debug shows the auth beeing sent but after that nothing. The AP is unsecured so it's not a WEP/WPA issue. I decided to buy a rt73 chip based card this ain't a big problem anymore (even though a fix would be nice)
Thank you all for any type of input

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