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Thanks for the responses guys
I have uploaded the outputs of dmesg, acpidump (rather big), ifconfig (before issuing config command) and uname to
The firmware is the one I got from `man bwi`, so I asume it's the latest.
About the hostname file, I stopped using hostname.bwi0 and started manually with `ifconfig bwi0 nwid "my ap name"` then `dhclient bwi0`. I was told this would be enough for a passwordless connection. Tried every other method, like disabling wep, wpa etc..I'm banging my head against the wall for 2 days now. I also have problems on Linux with this but after 5-10 tries (sometimes less) it connects and gets an ip. So I figure there's something with the card and/or the AP beeing too far away. Having a way of increasing the timeout period for dhclient would be a new thing to try I guess (don't know if I can do that or if it's possible though).
I'm buying that new card anyway... I'm sick of Broadcom and their silly closed source drivers

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