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Default Calculix Package/Port segfaults

Hi Gents,

This is my first post in this forum.

I have been using FreeBSD for some months now ( coming from long use of Linux Slackware, and Arch ).

I find some packages quite useful , since am do Mechanical/Structural engineering for a living, Calculix Finite Elements software is one of my workhorse aps.

Proble is that, either from ports, or as a binary package, i do not get to invoke the preprocessor, which is a binary called "cgx" , to run.

For every flag i use ( cgx -b , as in "build" ) cgx segfaults in the command line.

I have xorg installed, as as well as xfce Window manager, and i have managed to compile/run "graphics hungry" applications, like Paraview, Gimp, Gmsh, or Brlcad, but no luck with Calculix, cgx.

It segfaults either in VMs or physical installs, no hardware isses are not to blame here...

Has any of you members managed to use this applications in Freebsd ???

So far, this is the only glitch that keeps me from installing freebsd in my ToughBook cf19 series 6 mobo.
best regards,

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