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Hello, and welcome!

The tun(4) driver is only used for userland access into the kernel network stack. Each access path requires a separate tun device, and they usually need to be preconfigured. The default install provides only /dev/tun0 through /dev/tun3, you will need to use MAKEDEV(8) if you have more than four tun devices.

The pppx(4) driver is multiplexed, and all pppx devices created are addressable via /dev/pppx0.


In summary, pppx(4) is a better fit for simultaneous dynamic use as an access path in a VPN solution, such as might be used with npppd(8). The tun(4) driver is a better fit for preconfigured network connections in a VPN solution, such as what might be used with net/openvpn.
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