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Default Compiling OpenBSD code

I'll try and be as brief as possible. I have read the page on compiling openbsd on I am doing this so I can compile certain programs with debugging symbols and then source debug them with ddd / gdb. I start by going to /usr/src/sbin/echo for example and then 'make'. I add the -g to the Makefile so it includes debug info when compiling. Certain files such as ifconfig do not link.

root@/usr/src/sbin/ifconfig :make
cc -O2 -pipe -DINET6 -c ifconfig.c
ifconfig.c:102:26: netmpls/mpls.h: No such file or directory
ifconfig.c: In function `setifwmm':
ifconfig.c:1427: error: storage size of `wmm' isn't known
ifconfig.c:1431: error: `SIOCS80211WMMPARMS' undeclared (first use in this function)

I assume the search path for make/gcc is configured somewhere in the bsd.*.mk files. Anyone know how to 'make' ifconfig' for example w/out having to type out the paths for all dependencies?
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