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Originally Posted by Skinny View Post
My choice is limited to
1) cross-compile
2) use Linux
3) sell it
I wanted to try #1.
Let us know if you manage to do this. I'm in a similar boat, where I have OpenBSD running on an old PowerMac but prefer to use a relatively newer laptop (5 years old as opposed to 12 years old) that won't boot into OpenBSD. For me #2 is DragonFly instead of Linux, which is kind of neat, particularly hammer, but I'd still rather be using OpenBSD. When the drivers work in OpenBSD everything else tends to work perfectly and there are little bits of fine polish that no one else does as well in my opinion.

What choice is there other than to cross compile if you want to try to fix it yourself? I suppose the right thing to do, from the perspective of helping the project, would be to write down and submit the dmesg up to where it fails and hope a developer takes interest, but I would like to try to take this on myself (eventually). Besides, they all have lots of other things to do other than trying to get my laptop working.
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