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You can mount ext3 as an 'ext2fs' but you may have to fsck_e2tfs it first. Resier you can mount read only as an 'reasierfs'. You might want to check out the e2fsprogs and progsreiserfs ports in sysutils. I think FreeBSD has experimental support for writing to reiserfs v3, but I'd avoid it unless you're ready for data loss (but hey, I'm paranoid).

I think modern Linux 2.6 should have READ ONLY support for UFS in it, but I dunno if it is enabled by default with any distros. Judging by a short google, I believe the command is:

mount -r -t ufs -o ufstype=ufs2 <device> <mount_dir>

but don't quote me.

No one can really help you with the boot loader issue unless you post details about your partitioning schema and BL setup. Some time ago I wrote a thing on booting BSD from various boot loaders, with having Windows & Linux on the same disk being considered. Which also carefully notes something you will find in the FreeBSD FAQ.

You can boot Linux from from boot0, but you must have a boot loader like GRUB/LILO in the Linux / partitions boot sector in order for it to work. Other wise it has no way to find the Linux kernel, in the default config.
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