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/dev/acd0		/cdrom		cd9660	ro,noauto	0	0
/dev/acd1		/cdrom		cd9660	ro,noauto	0	0
Don't give 2 devices the same mount point.

Also, DVD's typically use the UDF file system.. not ISO9660. (s/cd9660/udf)

fstab(5) aliases get complicated with mount points that may use different file systems.. consider mounting disks manually.

If that's not an option, you could re-purpose each of the available drives.. i.e: /mnt/cdrom and /mnt/dvdrom..

/dev/acd0		/mnt/cdrom	cd9660	ro,noauto	0	0
/dev/acd1		/mnt/dvdrom	udf	ro,noauto	0	0
So you could inset a DVD into the second drive.. and then type "mount /mnt/dvdrom".

The choice is yours.
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