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Hello and welcome.

Unfortunately there is not enough information in your post for us to give you clear guidance. You have only posted a fragment from /var/log/messages for one of your two firewalls. We know nothing about your network topology or your OpenBSD architecture(s), or if there was any information captured in other logs on pestilence2, or perhaps on its twin, famine1. We don't know how your carp(4) interfaces are configured, nor do we know about any applicable sysctl settings. We don't know if the network stacks have recorded physical layer errors and packet retries, nor do we know if there are any network stack statistics that might help isolate and identify the root cause.

To collect that information shouldn't be too difficult. From each machine, collect and post each dmesg(8). If the machines are twins, compare the dmesg outputs with diff(1) to confirm they produce identical output before posting only a single dmesg. If not, post both. Review all syslogs to see if any additional information other than your one excerpt has been produced, and post that as well. Granted, none may have been, but it's worth looking into. Posting your hostname.carp* files will help us with settings like advskew, and if you have any changes you made to sysctl.conf, post those too.

Lastly, see if netstat -in and netstat -ss produce anything of note on each of the machines.

While it's possible none of us will see anything, this is still worth the effort. Otherwise, all we can do is a) recommend upgrading to 5.0-release or -current to see if your problem disappears, or b) make wild guesses.
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