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Sorry for the skimpy post. As I said, it really is working quite well, i used fine how-to posts to put it all together. I was hoping someone might have a similar situation and knew a place to look. Heh, but I suppose if that was the issue, Google would have picked it up for me =).

It "feels" like a pf sync hiccup. And there are no corresponding failover state change messages on pestilence1.

You did give me a few commands to chase down. I'll see what they produce and spend some time giving a more in-depth config/architecture/sysctl and repost. I do have 30 carp interfaces on this puppy and a couple vlan's as well. so i'll do my best to pair it down a bit as to not overload with info.

Thanks! I'll be back with more info....unless someone has a "Yah this happened to me once" story.

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