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If you are looking for a "yeah this happened to me, here's what I did to fix it" you are welcome to post to OpenBSD's misc@ mailing list. It is a much larger audience of OpenBSD users, and includes many of the developers.

You can find guidelines here: and, should you wish to post a formal problem report to bugs@ (since the PR database is non-operational) you can find additional guidance here:

Please note that even for an informal "Hey I'm seeing odd behavior, have you seen this too?" post, significant documentation of the problem is needed, including things such as I recommended.

And you will find that the misc@ community frown on third party support and "howto" information, from any source that has not been vetted by developers. If you didn't find it in the man pages, the FAQ, or the OpenBSD Journal, it will be considered likely to be incorrect, misleading, or out of date. Often with reason. In my experience that has the case more often than not, though I have no knowledge of the particular guide you were using. We strive to be a kinder and gentler subset of the community. Even so, we here will recommend great care when using unofficial recommendations or guidance, even when the source is ... us.
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