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Default Jails, ezjail, apache, very newbie question.

Im not really looking to become and expert at running a web server or anything but I pretty much play around with freebsd as a hobby. Ive been using freebsd for that last three years and have some basic knowledge and can keep my system up and fix minor problems etc. Ive been wanting to learn more about jails lately and want to set up a web server to play around with and give myself something to do in my off time. Setting up the jail appears easy enough but the one part of it that I dont fully understand is the networking and how the port forwarding to the jail works etc. Is there anywhere that I can turn to look for this information to help me understand the networking concepts and more importantly how they work with jails? Ive seen several writeups that give some information on how to get the network side of things working properly but i dont understand it fully. I see this

but dont understand what the /32 is at the end of the ip. In some writes ups it shows a /24.

prefixlen len
	     (Inet6 only.)  Specify that len bits are reserved for subdividing
	     networks into sub-networks.  The len must be integer, and for
	     syntactical reason it must be between 0 to 128.  It is almost
	     always 64 under the current IPv6 assignment rule.	If the parameter
 is omitted, 64 is used.

	     The prefix can also be specified using the slash notation after
	     the address.  See the address option above for more information.
I guess that I dont quite understand what this is telling me.
If anyone is willing to put me in the right direction to help understand this and the basics of jails and setting them up I would appreciate it.

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