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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
I'm an OpenBSD user, who set up SASL in order to use DynDNS mailhop forwarding. I use it with the built-in sendmail, though.

SASL is not used for the e-mail itself, as it might be forwarded in-the-clear if the destination MX does not support it. It does, however, restrict the use of your mailhop service, that you pay for, to you.

In order to build sendmail with SASL support on that OS, I needed two things:

1) The cyrus-sasl package had to be installed
2) Sendmail needed to be built with WANT_SMTPAUTH=yes (which went into /etc/mk.conf)

I don't know if NetBSD might also require cyrus-sasl.
In NetBSD you must build Postfix (as they no longer use sendmail as default) with sasl. This is accomplished by adding PKG_OPTIONS.postfix+=sasl to /etc/mk.conf

I am timidly saying that I have got the sasl working. The problem was that the system was not using the new postfix but the old one. This was remedied by coping /usr/pkg/share/examples/postfix/mailer.conf to /etc/ and /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d/postfix to /etc/rc.d/

I then had to configure /usr/pkg/etc/postfix/ - not /etc/postfix/ I'm sure that I could alter the scripts (this seems to come from the postconf command) to get it back to /etc/postfix or (even easier) symlink -- but it works as it is now!
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