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Originally Posted by robbak View Post
Yes, I agree that improvements in gnash or swfdec are the way to go.
The problem with going the fund-adobe-to-do-it way is that we could get flash support as good as linux- I run ubuntu amd64 on this notebook, and I have given up on adobe's flash, as it regularly hangs the browser. I use swfdec when I need flash, and, although it regularly doesn't work, at least it doesn't bring the browser down.

Of course, if we could only make flash just go away...! The only place flash provides anything positive is with youtube, and even that could be better done just streaming video data.
Flash support on Linux is terrible. The Solaris port is best maintained and the model for the FreeBSD port. If anything, it should be like Solaris's.

Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
Actually, there is a working flash player for FreeBSD ... And yes, it's from Adobe ... From :

And at I found:

And it would seem the technical aspect of porting flash to FreeBSD is minimal, from :

While I personly don't care much for flash player (It's off by default on my Windows systems) it useful at times, but I know lots of people why list the lack of a reasonable working flash player as their #1 reason for not using FreeBSD on tehir desktop systems.

You may remember that previously in this thread I said that FreeBSD is primarly a server OS that just happens to function as a (excelent) desktop system, which is true, but I would like to point out that this doesn't mean we should totally *ignore* any desktop-specific development, or dismiss them, I meant that this should not be the focus of the development.
That's interesting. It's also a positive sign, although this makes me wonder whether Adobe has had internal ports of Flash to FreeBSD for all major versions of Flash and they just never could agree on releasing them. If Adobe releases a port, then it's good publicity for FreeBSD as well, so it's in our best interests to coax them as much as we can, maybe fund them.

Also, if they do release a FreeBSD port, then I'd assume that OpenBSD and NetBSD would be able to use it too, through a compatibility layer?
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