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Old 2nd September 2010
newbsdied newbsdied is offline
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Default ports says error 1

I got ports working by using the FAQs. I was trying to get flash working, so i got Opera. It installed just fine. Then i tried to get opera-flashplugin and it kept saying error 1 and would not work. If i used the wrong ports, then wouldn't Opera not work either? i also keep getting "acpi Critical Temperature reached error" after getting opera. it wont let me boot. The only way to get it to go away is to shutdown improperly (pull the power plug before shutdown). Every time i su to root, the acpi error shows up at next boot. This only happens when i connect to the internet to get packages with Konsole in root. I also have had my mouse get stuck in the right border of the screen. Are these issues related? how do i resolve them. I am new to OpenBSD.

I also noticed that when i ping it takes very long. Normally pinging yahoo takes 20-25 ms. Now it takes 500-600ms. Is this related. Could someone be launching an automated attack?
My system:
Compaq presario w/1.66ghz processor (AMD)
1 gig ram
OpenBSD 4.7, Vista Home Premium, Fedora (latest) triple boot

In OpenBSD:
KDE 3.5
Opera (from ports)
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Old 3rd September 2010
shep shep is offline
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I have never understood the rationale for an emulation layer. It seems to me that if you want to run linux you should install a linux distribution.

The OpenBSD base install has a tightly defined set of applications that is rigorously reviewed and very secure. Once you go outside of that your reliability and security start dropping off.

Add an emulation layer it drops off even faster. Since OBSD 4.7 a security exploit involving Xorg and all but the most recent linux 2.6 kernels has been found. On top of that there was a recent security issue with the Macromedia flash plugin. Non of these were addressed in 4.7. The OpenBSD team does not have the resources to address security issues beyond the base install. You have to wait until OBSD 4.8 is released to hope these security flaws are addressed.
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Old 3rd September 2010
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rocket357 rocket357 is offline
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Originally Posted by newbsdied View Post
I also have had my mouse get stuck in the right border of the screen.
This was fixed in 4.7-CURRENT. Upgrade to 4.8 when it comes out.
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Old 3rd September 2010
newbsdied newbsdied is offline
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Thanks for the reply. So it is possibly an exploit. I will not run linux emulation anymore. I switched to openbsd due to automated attacks on my network. I don't have the knowledge to stop them yet. I figured it was kde that was the problem.

Since i don't know how to stop this, I am willing to pay someone to locate the source. If you live in Maryland, US and want to make some easy money, let me know. Let me know how much you want and we have to meet face to face with proper id. I have called the authorities, but they only care if money is stolen.
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Old 3rd September 2010
ocicat ocicat is offline
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Originally Posted by newbsdied View Post
So it is possibly an exploit.
No, the information presented does not naturally lead to that particular conclusion. rocket357's statement was to indicate that there was a coding error which has been fixed. While security lapses can result from coding errors, all coding errors are not subject to exploitation.

If you really want to resolve the problems you are experiencing, start by posting the output of dmesg(8). Until we know the specifics of your hardware & how OpenBSD is interpreting the hardware landscape, any solutions posed are simply conjecture.

Next, as for references to "error 1", how did you install this application? Where did you get the related packages? The version of the packages installed must be supported by the version of OpenBSD installed. In particular, if you installed OpenBSD 4.7-release, then you can only use the 4.7-release packages found on the mirror sites or what packages were found on the 4.7 CD set. Installing packages targeting OpenBSD 4.8-current onto OpenBSD 4.7-release is neither recommended nor officially supported by the project.

As a newbie to the operating system, studying Section 15 of the official FAQ is highly recommended. In fact, you will be saving yourself signficant aggravation if you take the time now, as a newbie, to familiarize yourself with all of the FAQ. A wealth of information, & all of it is current, can be found there.

Lastly, the following thread:


...offers a lot of insight into how to approach resolving technical problems. Although the regulars here have seen a number of problems, we don't know exactly what you have done, so approaching the situation systematically helps.
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