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Old 4th September 2008
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Default Flipping the bit sequence in MIPS

Hi all,

I am trying to flip the bit sequence of an integer, however I am having a bit of trouble. I am using the SPIM simulator on FreeBSD 7.0 (amd64).
I know I need to save the $s0 register and some of my comments are not the best, but this is what I have coded up so far...

msg1:	.ascii	"\nWelcome to the bit flipper!"
	.asciiz	"\nEnter an integer to start: "
msg2:	.asciiz	"\n\nFinished SPIM simulation\n"
wurd:	.word	0x01
wurd2:	.word	0x02

	li	$v0, 4		# syscall code for print_string
	la	$a0, msg1	# $a0 takes address of message to print

	li	$v0, 5		# syscall code for read_int
	syscall			# integer loaded into $v0

	move	$t2, $a0	# input from user in $t2
	lw	$t0, wurd	# $t0 = 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000001
				#  this is the mask
	lw	$t1, wurd2	# $t1 = 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000010
				#  this is the variable maintaining shift amount
	add	$s0, $zero, $zero # $s0 = 0000...0000
a10:	and	$t4, $t2, $t0	# masking to isolate the bit we want to move
				#  our isolated bit is in $t4
	sll	$t4, $t4, 1	# move the isolated bit left one
	sll	$t1, $t1, 1	# this is used to check shift amount
	beq   $t1, $zero, a30	# shifted left enough
	b	a20
        or	$s0, $s0, $t4	# add flipped bit to output
	sll	$t0, $t0, 1
	sll	$t1, $t1, 2	# starts one further left, and needs to go
				#  one less to the left

	beq	$t1, $zero, a40 # now need to shift bits right
	b	a10
a40:	li	$t1, 0x01	# reset shift counter
a50:	and	$t4, $t2, $t0	# masking to isolate the bit we want to move
				#  our isolated bit is in $t4
a60:	srl	$t4, $t4, 1	# move the isolated bit right one
	srl	$t1, $t1, 1	# shift amount counter
	beq	$t1, $zero, a70	# shifted right enough
	b	a60
a70:	or	$s0, $s0, $t4	# add flipped bit to output
	sll	$t0, $t0, 1
	sll	$t1, $t1, 2	# same as above
	beq	$t1, $zero, a80	# finished flipping bits
	b	a50		# loop again

	li	$v0, 1		# syscall code for print_int
	add	$a0, $s0, $zero	# $a0 is flipped bit sequence

	li	$v0, 4
	la	$a0, msg2

	jr $ra
I have used some
	li	$v0, 1
	add	$a0, $t4, $zero
blocks to see what is happening, and it seems not to loop at all through it. All the numbers I have input give me an output of "0".

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am unsure of what is happening...
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