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Old 24th October 2008
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Default squid cachemgr.cgi output weird

two days ago I was checking things out with squid's cachemgr - all good, as of yesterday, things got very weird:

Cache Manager menu for localhost:

‰PNG  µ”—¥´PZ©Â •§£U$}!Å"ãÐJ*£ÁÖZµ-jg”P¡h‡: @*ˆ-ò°´!*<‡faÑ,ªV¦ìOÓ8RÏ‘L €ß*iK¯ß)Ãïüæ?c±¥¨Ó˜ï«a—pP"Ýñy¯‰|Á¯Ÿ’z“È8ca.Kùa2uoÂù*0ãB‚·ˆÅ¸IE³<¿yÂ6U¼YvŒ”#Ì`¦Ü5V>efµL,~Yd&Þñ×E»63–_½h’B•‰ÔÌÙRñ¸B¹;ßýrù*,×ЉûŽXBß¿Õ¼ô’q zPֈ܃î³:üì’2EèŸgá¤ô´ i£óYbÐsÉÅ-îkì9?6®Wõäq· œÊœ³‰;þ^ZÒýÊ^“‘P´eW ô‡¿åzR¿y¨x*›èâ`¶>üj|£=_´˜K¹R¤Ò9WW]S^Y]UUVy¢¼º¼²öd‹Ègws>e„vÇR€¬ùre3Ö2ò©`gTW‚ûe7fâbâ."³[z>Û@•Î3ì§4”´è€aÙei"¹i(`×*È¥*S„QFÃ}–<ÄçºëF¡pÉÆ`,,GêŒlƒpmª8ÜX[Wvþ oMù©—¹TkÊË4dß=Ÿ¡ì¹ˆËAŸ÷Œ#R.ØKv/p#à ·*뤴>€>5Z²É:ñx(ç½€'¦@'D?—®"»bršmeI© ÝÖa™?§~I-,ö8a:–NE·h;Ã]ýTî¯d=LÎ4%bn+ú^*ʵ³˜‘ž¼„ÁÔþ #s@ÖP²”A™Ê—5財ý²rÉN7âôÃc1]“³æÞ•9 ‚5‚þ	{ì~ÅÁòw[ÂsŽÔ¯	—êq¹Dô us	# Ó˜Öú3SPb´×m1ì=*žÖDÿ¢?‹¦*šXXn‚‰Bë¥ÈIiKþd/2úGz*¯«ÃW“N4`\SRòÞèެײŽ—‹˜•®Ì…\<«óUÆúÁH¤
Generated Fri, 24 Oct 2008 20:32:20 GMT, by cachemgr.cgi/2.7.STABLE4@p1-p42-b63x86
Cannot find any errors in squid logs or apache logs - have restarted squid and apache, nothing has changed on the server to my knowledge, but something is not right here.

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