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Old 14th May 2008
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Standards by any name have their uses vermaden, from Linux or not.

Unix has been around since before the cows came home, there is a lot of stuff a foot since there is no single omni-present implementation available (for a really long time). Any note worthy limitations on file names have been gone for ages but we still call it /usr instead of /user, because everyone assumes it is named /usr, even though it's a stupid way to save one letter (now're days).

By contrast, different countries have different ways of writing the date. If people agree on writing 2008-05-14, at least you don't have to check for every bloody countries format (or worse every possible one!). It limits ambiguity that otherwise has to be dealt with.

Since people don't always conform to their countries normal date/time notation, programs that allow specifing the desire format are good, ones that don't know the format but let you tell it are better.

I for one write time/dates in ISO and NATO styles, because I need to communicate with people form different countries, and I ain't taking an off by one margin error for people being late :-P

Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
Ok, seriously.

Who cares?
If people want to use a GUI on their server, why should we care? They use a GUI, we use a commandline, and we're all friends.
If people ask for help here, they will generally get "commandline answers", and on Ubuntu forums they will generally get "GUI answers" ... It's different, but not better or worse IMO ...

When helping people, I generally believe in giving both options (cli/gui) where appropriate, such as on PC-BSD you can generally assume some thing about the GUI tools available, same on Ubuntu, etc. Under FreeBSD, Linux, or Unix Brand Foo, that is usually harder.

One reason I never learned much about GUI way of administrating my systems: why learn 20 different ways to dick with user and groups (different guis) when you can just use tools from the command line that pertain to most OSes.

I am a firm believer that ANY THING worth doing should be doable from both the command line and a graphical interface when doing so is within reason. I.e. controlling the network settings via either method is the right thing to do but using some thing like GIMP designed for real tty's would probably be overkill.

However... From a business point of view. I don't care if it has a GUI or not, if someone is getting paid, they should know what the hell they are doing !!!

Learning to use a Linux box at the command prompt is not hard for most people that can read English. Being competent enough to manage one that'll cost a company big buck$ every second it doesn't work right is a bit tricker I'm sure.

I'm not a professional user of Linux or BSD although I know more then just my way around. If I had to hire someone, fine by me if they prefer the GUI over the CLI and can still get the job done properly. But they better know what the frig they are paid to know !

Especially if they want a raise later ;-)
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