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OpenBSD Installation and Upgrading Installing and upgrading OpenBSD.

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Old 16th April 2009
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Yes, fedora libraries are a dependency. Opera runs under the Linux emulation ABI and is therefore i386-only.

The installation process sets kern.emul.linux=1, so Opera will run immediately. Per the installation message, you must manually edit /etc/sysctl.conf to make this permanent at the next boot.
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Old 16th April 2009
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Originally Posted by ax0 View Post
maybe I needed to install the fedora emulator port because opera is linux version?

Also note that the Linux emulation available under OpenBSD is dated. Given that effort is being made to bring third-party applications into the ports tree such that they run natively on OpenBSD, developer interest in maintaining the emulation layer is waning.

...& as a clarification on terminology, "port" refers to the third-party application found in the ports tree. By saying "port", some may interpret your statements that you are building the application from source. "Packages" on the other hand, are the resulting tarball(s) which are created at the end of building. Regardless of whether an application found in the ports tree is installed by building or simply installed through pre-compiled packages, the resulting installed application is the same. In fact, there is no difference between the pre-compiled packages made available & the packages one can create locally.

More information on the packages & ports system can be found in Section 15 of the FAQ:


You will save yourself a lot of future grief by familiarizing yourself with all of the information found in the FAQ.
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Old 16th April 2009
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Originally Posted by ocicat View Post

Also note that the Linux emulation available under OpenBSD is dated.
Well it is not dated it just doesn't support 2.6 kernel. In the mean time
Linux has also switched to Alsa which makes all of audio applications useless when run in emulator mode (see my posts about Skype).

On the positive side Opera 9.64 (which fixed extremely serious security
whole of 9.63) works very well. It is "compiled" using 2.95 GCC which makes it much more stable (I meant Fedora base is compiled by GCC of course). Flush 7 works and there is even an unofficial ndiswrapper port for OpenBSD so you could use the latest Firefox with Java and Flush plugins
if you need to do so.


See the link on the bottom of the first message to get the Make file and patches.

If you need Linux Mathematic-a on OpenBSD you can check the mailing lists to see how to install it. There is a very important
patch that needs to be applied to kernel since Mathematic-a uses Linux system call which is not Posix complaint.

Mark E. also asked people recently to donate Maple license (they are about $1800) to OpenBSD project as developers want to make sure Maple and MatLab (license is only $100) also can install without problems via Linux emulator.

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