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Old 14th May 2009
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Default Need suggestions on what to name this project

I've a mind to build a small Galaga/Galaxian* style action game, both out of desire for a decent modern'ish galaga and for an excuse to play with a few libs hehe. The main problem, is what on earth to call it.... thought I might ask here for title suggestions.

current game premise/concept:**

You return to your home world (working name: Freyja***), only to discover it has been ravaged by a warlike race of aliens called the Viekasiek (pronounced vee--ka-si-ek; spelling undecided). As the last able bodied star fighter, you begin a campaign of vengeance against the vast alien armada: pushing them back through the atmosphere and into deep space - destroying Viekasiekian outposts, fighter squadrons, dreadnoughts, and even facing their maniacal leader, the evil Emperor... Zurick.

Featuring a top down view of a scrolling, twisting, and turning battle space that hopefully will incorporate terrain elements such as walls and obstacles in spots. The focus is on fast paced and prolonged action, using unlockable "classes" of star fighters and system of modular weapons systems to keep things interesting. While Galaxian and co, basically kept the ship at the bottom of the screen, this game would allow a limited freedom**** of movement using the mouse to replace port/starboard maneuvers: not to mention a much more exciting pattern of enemy movement then the "flock and dive bomb" formations of old (i.e. gala*, space invaders, etc).

At the moment: plans are for light, medium, and heavy fighters. Starting the player off with a light scout fighter with limited capacities and regenerative armour; then later unlocking a medium fighter with greater capacities, thicker conventional armour, and an on board energy shield; finally unlocking a heavy fighter with no on board shields, but truly a behemoth for it's size. (Not to mention the huge cannons).

The idea is for there to be ~4 triggers: slot 1, 2, and 3 weapon, plus a fighter specific "special" weapon (slot 0). You can only carry slots-many weapons at once, and have to jettison the old before you can collect any further power ups (beyond the special). Combat should be fast and furious, making the player manage their weapons as well as their energy/armour points.

For anyone who ain't snoring yet, any suggestions on what I could name it???

Foot notes:

* If no one here is old enough to remember Galaga or Galaxian, you must have lived under a rock during the 80s, rather then in front of an arcade machine. Did you at least play Asteroids or Centipede?

** names and other interesting identifiers are 'working titles' so to speak. The really big issue of course, is what to name the game itself...

*** chosen to indicate a beautiful world, that is also far from defenseless in battle! Some classes of star fighters might also take their names from Norse mythology. (Alien craft, likely from Greek or Roman)

**** your nose would be perpetually pointed in the direction the background is scrolling, but otherwise you should be free to mouse the ship anywhere you can go without crashing into stuff.


Primary consideration for implementation is C++, using SDL, LibXML++, and likely will make use of sockets as too.
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