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Old 2nd June 2009
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Default pidgin amsn kopete

I've been using pidgin for quite a longtime without many problems, but lately it keeps disconnecting (it did in the past, but not so often).
Is this a router/pf related problem or a bug?
I've tried to install amsn, but it does not connect.
I've tried kopete, and seems to work fine (hasn't disconnected yet), but trying to open the configure window in the in the window that opens with alt+space (I use ion3) it crashed down the whole X server. It works if I open it in a full screen window (although a few buttons are still not visible. Why do they make everything that big, by the way?).

Is it possible to make pidgin or amsn work properly?
Has anyone experience with kopete in a non-kde environment?


ps. I've just found out that kopete does not like me to input accented chars, and to use chinese input I guess I'd have to install skim, since now I only have scim. I'd rather go for an easier solution it it's possible.
pps. amsn does not like scim either. Now I remember why I chose pidgin at the time... So, at this point, if anyone knows why pidgin keeps disconnectin it'd be great.

This is what the log says when pidgin disconnects:
(21:05:44) msn: servconn read error, len: -1 error: Connection reset by peer
(21:05:44) msn: Connection error from Notification server ( Reading error
(21:05:44) msn: C: SB 001: OUT
(21:05:44) msn: C: SB 001: OUT
(21:05:44) msn: destroy httpconn (0x2efde980)
(21:05:44) msn: C: NS 000: OUT
(21:05:44) msn: Connection error from Notification server ( Writing error
(21:05:44) g_log: msn_session_disconnect: assertion `session->connected' failed
(21:05:44) dbus: Need to register an object with the dbus subsystem. (If you are not a developer, please ignore this message.)
(21:05:44) dbus: The signal "account-error-changed" caused some dbus error. (If you are not a developer, please ignore this message.)
(21:05:44) g_log: file /usr/obj/ports/pidgin-2.3.1p0/pidgin-2.3.1/libpurple/dbus-server.c: line 735 (purple_dbus_message_append_purple_values): should not be reached
(21:05:44) dbus: The signal "connection-error" caused some dbus error. (If you are not a developer, please ignore this message.)

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