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Old 22nd June 2009
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Default Can not install MySql5.1 because FreeBSD shuts down!

Hi everyone,

I am coming accross something very weird.
The installation of the mysql51-server port on my FreeBSD 7.2 box triggers the... system temperature alarm and the system shuts down!

I know it is weird... no I am not drunk... .. I have some doubts still but.... I am pretty convinced now.

Theese are the events:

The system was on for reinstallation. I am taking care of this and making guidelines for each step. So it had been on for two and a half days (it is a server) when I started the installation of mysql51-server ("make install clean" inside the port folder).
Some minuts later, a bip was sent by the system, with, among the compilation lines, the following message :

Message from syslogd@TestServer at Jun 18 16:44:25 ...

TestServer root: WARNING: system temperature too high, shutting down soon!
Time for me to read it, it desappeared between the other lines, the monitor went black and silence was there. The server was off.

It was surprising as this machine used to run for months non-stop!
But i thought ok, it may need to rest a while.

The next day (24h later!!!!), I booted the system, launched a couple of services then started the installation again. Same thing happened!! Complete time on : 32 minuts!!!
That was suspicious! how could the machine resist 2.5 days before reaching temperature limit in one case and 32 min in the over case??
I booted it again, straight away, launched the services, then executed a bunch of commands in a row:
- Move 50+ Gb of data
- Update port tree and all installed ports (350+ patches available at the time)
- Install postgresql83
- Clean port tree
Everything went smoothly, no alarm. I let it on a couple of hours, installed a couple of other things, 4h+ with no issues.

Then I tried again mysql51-server.... same bip, same message, same silence...

I let it off for about 5 hours. Then booted it and hands on the keyboard, as fast as i could:
- ssh login
- su root
- portinstall databases/mysql51-server
Total uptime between boot and shutdown, less than 10 min!!!!

I rebooted straight away and tried to install mysql60-server. It complained about 5.1 client being installed (so the installation of the client, included in the one of the server, had succeeded). I deinstalled it and tried to install the 6.0 again. Everything went fine and the machine is still running, more than 24 hours later.

So... my last doubts are because:
1 Missing information:
- I don't have the records of the exact temperatures of the different sensors. If someone knows are to get them, please tell me how.

2 Potential reasons:
- Hardware failure : One or more parts are agonizing... but symptoms are visible only when installing mysql51-server
- This could, eventually, possibly, surprisingly... (you got my point) happen if this specific port (mysql51-server) was requiring, at compilation time, a specific operation that would physically raised the system temperature to the limit.
- This limit could, as well, be set too low and only this port brings the system to this point.

The two last possibilities would be quite surprising for me as the server worked before with this port, under FreeBSD 7.0 with no issues.

If anyone has an explaination to this or has already seen this, please share. Workaround are welcome too.

Thank you
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