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Old 19th November 2009
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Default Script to update NetBSD using snapshots

Script could be helpful to those that are using snapshots to update their NetBSD systems. Script originally used 'coprocess' feature of ksh, but then the NetBSD folks changed the releng server from ftp to http. As I'm just too lazy to convert it to Bourne sh script, is still in ksh. Anyway, I expect opinions and recomendations to improve the script.

#    getsets.ksh v.0.2 
#    dalibor Dot gudzic At gmail Dot com 
#    www.bsdserbia.org 
#    11/2009 

FTP_OPTIONS="/usr/bin/ftp -o -" 

VERSION="$(awk -F\' '/BUILDID/ { print $2 }' /etc/release)" 

set -A SETS "base.tgz comp.tgz etc.tgz kern-GENERIC.tgz man.tgz misc.tgz tests.tgz \ 
            text.tgz xbase.tgz xcomp.tgz xetc.tgz xfont.tgz xserver.tgz" 

f_using() { 
cat <<EOF 

Script execution: ${0##*/} <getsets | installkernel | installsets | etcupdate | help> 

    getsets          -    Downloading of sets from ftp server
    installkernel    -    Extract and install GENERIC kernel 
    installsets      -    Installing of sets 
    etcupdate        -    Update, merge of files in /etc dirctory 
    help             -    Show help on using script 

Apart from downloading of sets, to correctly execute the script start it as: 

    sudo ${0##*/} parameter 


f_error_check() { 
    print "" 
    test "err" -eq "$1" && print "$2" && exit $1 

if [[ $# -ne 1 ]] 
    print "Error: (only) one parameter needed for execution of script." 
    exit 1 

case $1 in 
        NEW_VERSION=$(ftp -o - $FTP_SITE/$FTP_RELENG/$TAG/ | \ 
                            awk '
                            { if ( match ($0, "[0-9]+Z")) { 
                                    print substr($0, RSTART, RLENGTH) 
                            }' | sort -r | head -1) 

        if [[ $NEW_VERSION == $VERSION ]]; then 
            print "Yo, no new sets for update, ending the script." 
            exit 0 
            print "New version is: $VERSION" 

            print -n "Checking for presence of 'i386' directory ..." 
            awk '/i386/ {yeah_baby=1} 
                    END{ if (yeah_baby) { 
                              print " present at the class, continue." 
                          } else { 
                             print " not present. Unexcused absence." 
                              exit 33; 
            f_error_check 33 "Aborting script." 
            print "Checking the entries ..." 

            $FTP_OPTIONS $FTP_SITE/$FTP_PATH/ | \ 
            awk -v S="$SETS" '
                   BEGIN { 
                        split(S, sets_arr) 
                        for (i in sets_arr) { 
                            if ($0 ~ sets_arr[i]) { 
                    END { 
                        for (j in sets_arr) { 
                            if (sets_arr[j] in found_arr) { 
                                print "Set " sets_arr[j] " is on the server." 
                            } else { 
                                print "Set " sets_arr[j] " was not found on the server." 
                        } if(n>0) 
                            exit 44; 
            f_error_check 44 "Some sets were not found. Aborting script." 

            if [[ $(pwd) != $DWNLD_DIR ]]; then 
                print "Moving to $DWNLD_DIR" 
                cd $DWNLD_DIR 
                f_error_check 1 "Error when moving to $DWNLD_DIR." 

            for SET in ${SETS[@]}; do 
                    print "Downloading set ==> $SET..." 
                ftp $FTP_SITE/$FTP_PATH/$SET 
                f_error_check 1 "Error while downloading set $SET." 
        if [ -f $DWNLD_DIR/kern-GENERIC.tgz ]; then 
            print "We backup old kernel as netbsd.old ..." 
                /bin/mv /netbsd /netbsd.old 
                f_error_check 1 "Error while backuping the kernel." 

            print "Extracting GENERIC kernel to / ..." 
                /usr/bin/progress -zf $DWNLD_DIR/kern-GENERIC.tgz /bin/tar -C / -xpf - 
                f_error_check 1 "Error while extracting the kernel." 

            print "" 
            print -n "New kernel extracted, reboot to boot the new kernel ( yes/no ): " 

            while read ANSWER; do 
            case $ANSWER in 
                    sync; sync; shutdown -r now ;; 
                    print "New kernel will boot on next reboot." 
                    exit ;; 
                    print "Answer with [y]es or [n]o" 
                    continue ;; 
            print "kern-GENERIC doesn’t exist" && exit 1 
        print "Checking the validity of archives:"; print "" 
        for SET in ${SETS[@]}; do 
            [[ $SET == "kern-GENERIC.tgz" ]] && continue 
            print -n "Testing archive ==> $SET ..." 
                /bin/tar -tzvf $DWNLD_DIR/$SET >/dev/null 2>&1 && print " this one is fine." 
                f_error_check 1 " damn, something smells bad in set $SET. Aborting the script" 
        print "All archives (hopefully) valid. :-) We continue ..." 

        for SET in ${SETS[@]}; do 
            [[ ($SET == "etc.tgz") || ($SET == "xetc.tgz") || ($SET == "kern-GENERIC.tgz") ]] && continue 
            print "Extracting set ==> $SET..." 
                /usr/bin/progress -zf $DWNLD_DIR/$SET /rescue/tar -C / -xpf - 
                f_error_check 1 "Error while extracting set $SET." 
        /usr/sbin/etcupdate -s $DWNLD_DIR/etc.tgz -s $DWNLD_DIR/xetc.tgz 
        print "" 
        print "Error: unknown parameter $1" 
        print "" 
        exit 1 
The best way to learn UNIX is to play with it, and the harder you play, the more you learn.
If you play hard enough, you'll break something for sure, and having to fix a badly broken system is arguably the fastest way of all to learn. -Michael Lucas, AbsoluteBSD

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