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Old 6th January 2010
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Default /usr became full while updating via cvs


Hope you all had a great holiday break.

I was getting an update of -current using cvs. I used one server for the src tree, which rejected me when I tried to update the ports tree.

I then closed the terminal thread, opened another window, and checked out a tree from scratch, and updated src and ports.

Rant into some problems when I tried to update xenocara:

/usr: write failed, file system is full
cvs [checkout aborted]: writing xenocara/app/rgb/config.guess: No space left on device
...looked around to see how much space I had..
# df -hi
Filesystem   Size     Used     Avail Cap'ty      iused   ifree  %iused  Mounted on
/dev/wd0a 1005M 55.1M   899M       6%      2972 152930    2%   /
/dev/wd0k  18.1G  279M   16.9G       2%      2447 2414063  0%   /home
/dev/wd0d    2.6G  140K     2.5G        0%          32  363742    0%   /tmp
/dev/wd0f     2.0G   2.0G  -92.0M  105%  277972      7850  97%   /usr
/dev/wd0g1005M  170M    785M    18%    9132    146770    6%   /usr/X11R6
/dev/wd0h   3.5G   2.1G    1.2G        63%   77745  415949  16%   /usr/local
/dev/wd0j    1.9G   973M    892M    52%   33619   226219  13%   /usr/obj
/dev/wd0i    1.9G   753M    1.1G      40%   87448   172390  34%   /usr/src
/dev/wd0e   4.1G   118M    3.8G        3%   12945   558701    2%   /var
I used disklabel -A for my wd0 drive. I've another HDD (100GB); but I've never gotten around to adding it.
Q1: Are there any "caches" to clear out so I can continue?

I'm not a partition expert, so I'd like some r-e-m-e-d-i-a-l level help on the following:
Q2a: If I need to reconfigure (to expand /usr), what's the best way to do it w/o having to recalc - will the new disklabel (will RTFM) allow a "hard" allocation for a drive section during an "auto" reconfiguration?
Q2b: If I were to add the 2nd HDD, may I have a few examples of what a "good" partition allocation of a 40/100GB looks like? (e.g., can I "split" /home btwn the 2 drives, or "move" it to occupy the second HDD? etc.)

Thank you, all.

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