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Old 22nd May 2008
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Angry Frustrated Solaris user miss BSD alot


i am having so many problems.

1) One day i decided to install Solaris.

It hated my ethernet card and i was
unable to get a connection.

So i went out and bought a card that
worked and success i was online with solaris.

A few times my connection failed and
i was advised to turn off wam so i did.

i had more problems with the new open solaris then
with solaris express edition with my connection.

i have solaris express on there now and
everything is perfect.

2) i had 4 drives to use 1 of them was for solaris
and the other 3 was for stored data.

2 of those drives are SATA that were not detected
in Solaris till i turned off raid,

Then i was able to mount the drives even though they were NTFS i had installed an NTFS tool for read only

i was told i should make my drives UFS
So i did that i made all my Drives Solaris2 file systems
Using their fdis partition tools

Finally i can mount all my UFS Drives
i dont lose a connection.

3) However i am Unable to write to any DVD+RW disks.

Each time i try it tells me this

Please replace the disc in the drive with a supported disc with at least 617.2 MiB free. The following disc types are supported:

So i went and erased it from Windows Alcohol program
to make sure it was areased using quick erase.
and still no luck.

Seems i am only able to Use DVD-R or other DVDs
i am not sure why

i was unable to find help anywhere as there is suck a lack of support on solaris and they always trying to send me
to a Web Page of some cigar smoking guy offering me his services for a fee lol.

Rather then just telling me sorry your Drive does nto suport DVD+RW on Solaris

Solaris is the most advanced OS on the planet they say
but how come all the BSD Distros can let me write to DVD+RW Disks.Why does BSD have so much more.

4) My Other Problem is this

i installed FreeBSD hoping everything would be ok and
i was unable to mount my UFS Drives that i created using solaris.so i cant see my Data.

Also a program i tried called
UFS Explorer on Windows Vista
would not even see my UFS Drives
but why?

They are both great Operating Systems but FreeBSD has so much more to offer to to mention support and hardware that actually works.

Now i am Stuck deciding what to do
i have my Drives backed up i am not
worried about losing Data.

i Still want to create UFS but this time from FreeBSD
but do not know how at this time
as i am only familiar with the commands on solaris.
and if i create UFS from BSD will UFS Explorer see them from Windows Vista?

i have not installed BSD yet as my desktop

i just need some advice on where to start.
i mean like now in Solaris since i have my Data Backed up

i should format my drives and create what file system to
have them be seen on BSD once again.

i do not see an NTFS option but i do see fat32
and if i do install BSD how would io create
my Drives as UFS

The commands are so much more different in Solaris

For example if i wanted to know where my drives are so identify then i just type format.Yet in BSD i just type dmesg
The journey is better then the destination

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