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Old 20th September 2010
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Default Q about power outages and equip' resets

I've noticed over the past 7-8 years that a lot of the network equipment I've had access to, when the power goes out for a long time, it usually retains its settings. But if the power goes off and then back on quickly, either like a flick of a light switch or half a flick of it (if you know what I mean), there is a much higher probability that the modems/routers we've had will reset to defaults. Same effect as hitting the reset buttons on the back with a nutpick.

That sort of thing has happened to our current router at least a dozen or more times in the past 4+ years and twice to the cable modem in as many years. Almost always after a short "Power bleep". Even once out of the blue until I power cycled the damn thing lol. And yes, power is crap here whenever we get even slight weather!

Since some of our frequenters here are better versed in such things then I have had a chance to be, I was wondering if anyone might know? -> Why a sudden in/out blip of the power seems more likely to cause routers (etc) to reset?

I always figured the point of their memory was to limit the possibility of such stuff happening.
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Old 20th September 2010
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A sudden and quick power failure has the chance of corrupting memory contents undetectably but leaving the processor and other electronics running, perhaps there is enough juice in the capacitors?

So maybe some electronics detect this condition and reset to ROM defaults?

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Then again, I have no idea, I have a system which survives those sudden glitches.. while others instantly power down or reboot.
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