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Old 19th June 2011
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rocket357 wrote: (In other words, using the first 1 TB of a 3 TB sata drive for an ftp server that hosts very large files, like dvd images or such, would be good...using the same for an operating system installation would be a waste of time, since much of that will be randomly accessed data).
I been an overly excited on-line student of computers for the pass few years and now I understand why I did not learn much of anything, other than the over-used word legacy (that I still can't spell). The closer you get to the truth, the more the finger points at the OS being used. I know I blamed Windows. I think I'm ready to take my blinders off.

Now I see the difference in what sequential read vs random seek. This is what I did and doing right now as I wait for over 40 minutes already.

I am working from my fresh-installed PcBSD desktop on PRIMARY-3. I copied 4-GB worth of files in a folder, to a slice on PRIMARY-2 from my USB-Flash in under 10 MINUTES flat.

Than I thought that PRIMARY-1 would make a better home for them because this is a place where I will never destroy the partition-slices to do install from scratch, ever again. Now realizing that I am suppose to be in the Big-Times, using the two outer-most PARTITIONS, for-sure, so I took notes. Even Windows-7 max out around 42MB/s when moving or copying big directories on my Gigabyte 890-GPA's. And that was only a few times I caught over the years. It would mostly be around 240-kilobytes - 12-MB/s religiously, at best. If I was lucky 24-MB/s would be declared average for MAX, and that includes FreeBSD for now about two full years. As you see this is nothing near the expected 124MB/s and I am at the outer-most and this is the OS very first few operations. I would at lease think I would get 70-90MB/s after all the work I just done above.

Now I see what you mean rocket357 and I thought it was a Windows only problem for 50 years. BSD is no better and I'm sure it is KERNEL and drivers related. It's like he said, that was too much but I did it, huff-huff-huff, I'm tired now, I can't take it no more, what you want BLOOD.

If there is a bottle neck, the KERNEL created it. We can't blame it all on the hardware. That's the way it works these days. It's the OS job to learn how to get the documented max return that is documented.

Anyway, 49MB/s MAX is better than I have ever saw in my life. Maybe higher slip passed me when I once had no concern.

Now for the worse thing ever... Remember, I only copied from PRIMARY-2 slice to PRIMARY-1 slice.

Now I am deleting the directory on PRIMARY-2 slice and it is too shame to show me the time speed and it's only counting what it plan to delete, to delete them. It took 55 MINUTES to delete... Come-on, even the USB Flash was 45 minutes faster and to copy from one HDD-slice to another, it did very well, like 5 minutes at best.

Well at 49MB/s I had a chance to experence what real living is all about. If they could keep up that much I would be happy coming from the now kilobyte world.

But I am not about to spend a GRAND to get the latest SAS or SDD that WILL only prove to be two and one half times faster at the very most out of what they claim. I'm going to see what I can do with ZCAV in a few days to see if I can understand why but above all, to know where is there regardless. I think it's time to learn how to tweak the KERNEL, work with RAM and see what memdisk has to. Tweak to me means to change some code itself, not just to add/remove options. I wish I had another life-time, I would do it.

using the same for an operating system installation would be a waste of time
... another sharris pipe-dream shattered, just in the nick of time

Thank you

that's what I'm talking about!


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