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Old 10th July 2011
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Default stable branch - ports security updates

Hi everyone,

Could someone help me to clarify how to apply packages security updates and what is the proper way to do it?

I know I have to go through ports, as there are no packages for stable, the branch I want to follow.

So I got the port tree via Anonymous CVS as explained in the FAQ.

From there the script
gave me the list of what needed to be updated.

Here are examples of the output :
databases/evolution-data-server #  -> eggdbus-0.6p1
www/firefox-i18n,-fr           # mozilla-firefox-3.6.13p3 -> mozilla-firefox-3.6.16
www/mozilla-firefox            # 3.6.13p3 -> 3.6.16
I updated evolution-data-server this way
# cd /usr/ports/databases/evolution-data-server
# make FORCE_UPDATE=Yes update
Once the build over, running the out-of-date script still shows evolution as candidate for an update even though eggdbus had been updated.

Here is what I did to update Firefox :
# make FORCE_UPDATE=Yes update
Upgrading from mozilla-firefox-3.6.13p3
mozilla-firefox-3.6.13p3->mozilla-firefox-3.6.16 forward dependencies:
| Dependency of firefox-i18n-fr-3.6.13 on mozilla-firefox-3.6.13 doesn't match
NOT MERGING: can't find update for firefox-i18n-fr-3.6.13-> (ok)
Forcing update
mozilla-firefox-3.6.13p3->mozilla-firefox-3.6.16: ok                           
Read shared items: ok                                                          
Look in /usr/local/share/doc/pkg-readmes for extra documentation.              
Couldn't find updates for firefox-i18n-fr-3.6.13
It seems that firefox-i18n was not updated in the port tree so building it fails. So I downloaded the language pack directly from Firefox Modules.

My questions are :

- What should I do for evolution-data-server to be correctly linked to eggdbus-0.6p1 ?

- How come new packages came along while I update ? (CUPS for example in the case of Firefox)

- Is there a way to send the output of the out-of-date script to the update process ?

I tried this

# pkg_list=$(mktemp)
# /usr/ports/infrastructure/build/out-of-date > $pkg_list
# cd /usr/ports
# SUBDIRLIST=$pkg_list make clean package
but it ended up in installing packages (instead of only building them) even some I hadn't before (qt3, mysql...) and seemed to continue endlessly.

- Last question, I wanted to subscribe to the ports-security list, but there is no activity since 2006. Is there a way to be aware of the availability of updates without updating the port tree and running out-of-date ?

Many thanks.

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