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Old 13th July 2013
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Default NetBSD/OpenBSD rivalry?

From Changes-6.2 in ftp://nyftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD-da...-6/CHANGES-6.2
external/gpl3/binutils/dist/ld/emultempl/elf32.em 1.6

PR 47922: Properly resolve DT_NEEDED entries under sysroot and don't
accidently try the installed system.
[joerg, ticket #911]

share/man/man7/sysctl.7 1.73 via patch
sys/netinet6/icmp6.c 1.161 via patch
sys/netinet6/in6.c 1.161 via patch
sys/netinet6/in6_proto.c 1.97 via patch
sys/netinet6/in6_var.h 1.65 via patch
sys/netinet6/ip6_input.c 1.139 via patch
sys/netinet6/ip6_var.h 1.59 via patch
sys/netinet6/nd6.c 1.143 via patch
sys/netinet6/nd6.h 1.57 via patch
sys/netinet6/nd6_rtr.c 1.83 via patch

4 new sysctls to avoid ipv6 DoS attacks from OpenBSD
[christos, ticket #905]
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Old 13th July 2013
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Haven't been able to access the link, so I'm going to guess it's poor wording, as in he meant

4 new sysctls from OpenBSD to avoid ipv6 DoS attacks


4 new sysctls to avoid ipv6 DoS attacks, from OpenBSD

Sometimes, punctuation is everything.
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Old 15th July 2013
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hahaha that's awesome. Punctuation is indeed everything:

"Let he who steals, steal no more. Let him work with his hands."
"Let he who steals, steal. No more let him work with his hands."
Linux/Network-Security Engineer by Profession. OpenBSD user by choice.
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Old 15th July 2013
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A panda walks into a café. He orders a sandwich, eats it, then draws a gun and proceeds to fire it at the other patrons.

"Why?" asks the confused, surviving waiter amidst the carnage, as the panda makes towards the exit. The panda produces a badly punctuated wildlife manual and tosses it over his shoulder.

"Well, I'm a panda," he says. "Look it up."

The waiter turns to the relevant entry in the manual and, sure enough, finds an explanation. "Panda. Large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China. Eats, shoots and leaves."
From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eats,_Shoots_%26_Leaves -- a great book.

Last edited by jggimi; 15th July 2013 at 12:56 AM. Reason: clarity, typos
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